Friday, April 13, 2012

Persuasive Speech: Teen Suicide

Taking Action: The words we need to discuss on the topic of Teen Suicide. What is it? Teens. Killing themselves for many, many reasons. When you think of a loved one dying, you think it would happen because of old age, never them actually doing it themselves. But this nightmare seems to only be the beginning.
Millions of teens out there are risking their lives for some of the things in this world that shouldn’t even exist. Many of the reasons are violence at home, death of a close one, feeling worthless, but the most important: Cyber Bullying. Being called names like “stupid” or “idiot” might not seem like a big deal, but it can really affect one’s life. Perhaps, the teen that was bullied could commit suicide, which in 2005; over 50,000 people died violent deaths. About 32,000 of those deaths were suicides. To make matters worse, 35% of those teens died because of Cyber Bullies.
Next, teens take their lives. But for what else? Studies show that if a teen has had a loved one pass over, it causes depression, soon having the consequence of the teen committing suicide. Another example of a teen committing suicide is by being picked on, teased, laughed at, or rejected by friends. Feeling like this, seems to be another main reason that a teenager would put their life in danger.
Every single one of us in the world can make a difference. How? Help! Take the teens to Counselors, talk to them, and make them feel cared about. Most teens long for attention, and to get it, they commit suicide. Don’t let them do that! They should already feel cared about, by their family, friends, and peers.
As Plato once said, “Be kinder than necessary; everyone is fighting some kind of battle. You might not hear their screams, but they’re calling out for help.” Let’s all come together, end this terrible thing that exists. Make it cease to exist. No matter what the circumstances, nobody deserves to feel worthless. If all of us intend to come together as one, we can put a stop to Teenage Suicide, and trust me, we all wouldn’t regret making an impact on someone’s life.